A Taste of Tuscany

Food always comes to those who love to cook

— from the film Ratatouille

A Taste of Tuscany

The Flavours of tradition.

Love, passion, the recipes handed down from our grandmothers and the fragrances of dishes from the past: these are the main ingredients of true Tuscan cuisine. Our dégustations are based on natural produce, like extra virgin olive oil, saffron, tended lovingly and picked at dawn by our family, fresh seasonal vegetables, and cured meats and cheeses from our local area.
At our Agriturismo, guests can rediscover the joy of sharing food in an enchanted setting, intoxicated by the fragrances and colours of nature. Good wine from our local wineries add the final touch to a fabulous evening of hospitality.

Agriturismo Estate

Agricultural Activity

The estate consists of an area of about 10 hectares assigned to growing medicinal plants, saffron and vegetables which can also be purchased on the premises.
Another 3 hectares are dedicated to a splendid olive grove from where comes our extra virgin olive oil- a ‘must’ to be savoured in our typical dishes.
Our produce, so generously bestowed on us by nature, our “madre dolcissima” (as defined by the poet Giovanni Pascoli ), is the bond resulting from our tender care and patience. Following centuries-old Tuscan tradition, our family, of proudly peasant origins, begins the working day at dawn: “I’m off to the fields. See you again at the first sound of the church bell”.
Guests can savour our products by requesting a dégustation or purchase them from our reception centre.

Azienda Agricola Il Paradiso di Berignone Volterrra

100% Tuscan Evo Oil

Our Oil

The extra virgin olive oil produced at our estate is 100% Tuscan. Rich in polyphenols with their antioxidant qualities, it is a healthy ingredient in the Mediterranean diet and enriches every dish with its delicate palate, its gentle notes resonating with the flavour of pine nuts: an essential ingredient to drizzle on toasted bruschetta in the true Tuscan tradition.